Our techniques, your design

Ongoing technological innovation combined with the expertise and know-how of our specialised artisans: these are the cornerstones around which we have developed the inMateria application methods. With Cast, Cover and Nebula we reinterpret matter by enhancing its intrinsic qualities and preserving its authentic naturalness. Cast is the process we use to mould our concrete objects. The resulting product is made to size and devised by fulfilling every possible need, from A to Z, from the mould to the handmade finish. Cover and Nebula are techniques that allow us to cover a flat, curved or irregular surface, while adding a unique, sophisticated and contemporary touch to furniture and furniture accessories.

We take care of every detail, because we believe that details make the difference. We combine experience, reliability and passion to transform ideas into materials: we thoroughly examine the available options and find the right solution, by relying on the extreme versatility of our processes. This enables us to satisfy any need relating to both technology and aesthetics, and put it at the customer’s service to create exceptional continuous surfaces and furnishing elements. Because people’s well-being is also shaped by the spaces they inhabit daily.