A cloud of matter

Nebula is the exclusive application method devised by inMateria that transcends the limitations of manual trowelling. Nebula can be used to cover more curved and irregular surfaces with a cloud of concrete or clay, for a decidedly striking textured effect even on items subjected to special processing.

Nebula stems from inMateria’s desire to overcome the limits of non-linear surfaces by providing a revolutionary solution that is highly industrialised in terms of methods and processes. Starting from our laboratory’s field surveys and experimentation, we conducted tests using a special machine capable of vaporising the concrete or clay mixes on various supports, curved or otherwise. The vaporisation phase is followed by a manual sanding phase that enhances the craftsmanship quality of the finished product: the base of a table, a faceted decorative element, a particularly complex shape.

The end result is a smooth textured effect that translates into a coarseness that is barely perceptible to the touch, or into a lacquered finish that leaves the support completely smooth. The surface appears aesthetically uniform since it is free of trowel marks, and is finished with a dedicated range of colours.